design like a pro!

design best practices

Less is more. I know it is fun to get creative, but simple is often the best outcome for your finished product.

Complementary colors. Use colors that complement yet contrast each other. Often a light color background with a color from the same family several shades darker for the text works great!

working with backgrounds

1. Select the color tab. 2. Click the color you want from our color palette and see the new design.

1. Select the design tab 2. Click "Change Design" 3. Scroll through the available patterns or narrow them down with the collections on the right. You can also use the search box at the top. For example "Floral" and narrow down the patterns. 4. Click the design you like and see the preview change.

Yes! The very first option in the selector is a solid color.

Changing the livestock

1. Select the livestock tab 2. Click "Change Design" 3. Choose from any available options. You can narrow down your options by selecting a category on the left hand menu or using the search field at the top.

Select the animal by clicking on it. You can drag it to move it around and change the placement on the product. *Bonus tip* Additional customization is available using the rotate feature.

1. Click the "+ Add" tab in the designer. 2. Repeat the steps from the previous steps.

Working with text

1. Select the text by clicking on it. 2. Delete the placeholder text from the box. Enter your text. 3. Select your favorite typeface from the drop-down list. 4. Select your favorite color from our color palette. *Bonus tip* You can rotate the text for further customization.

Select the text by clicking on it. You can move it around the product once selected. You can also resize it by grabbing a corner and dragging.

The extended warranty could come at a different cost depending on the type of product and extended period.

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