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Resources for Print at Home

Print at Home

With the introduction of our new print at home Barn Bible™ pages and the great free member library, I knew I needed to provide you with some of my favorite print-at-home options. Creating the best book for your lifestyle is easy and offers the convenience of printing it right at home. Sure there are advantages to the book, but for many, this is a great starting point.

I own an HP Office Jet Pro, and I love it. It has been reliable and is affordable to use. They no longer make my model; however, there are several similar models available here. Here are a few things I love about mine:

  • Wireless printing, hallelujah!

  • Double-sided printing

  • Extra-large ink cartridges

I’ve also heard good things about the two printers below (please do your own research).

Paper is key

There is nothing worse than your pens bleeding through a page! I personally love high quality bright white paper, and the weight is important. My favorite paper is a 28lb, it is a great weight, has a lovely texture, and stand up to constant flipping in a book. Other good alternatives are 24lb paper.

Binding your book

There are a few options for at-home binding. The simplest and most common is a standard three-hole punch.

Another option that is gaining popularity is the new disk-bound style (two options pictured below), if you decide to go with this option make sure you choose a brand and stick with it. They are not interchangeable in most cases and you won’t be able to buy the accessories for one planner and use them with another kind of book. I know there are a few cases where there is a crossover but I would recommend you do your research.